Eco Friendly Materials

The HOPSAN collection is for 90% made out of certified organic cotton. This cotton is from non genetically modified plants, which is certified to be grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides.

We use special machinery and manufacturing techniques to create a unique seamless product. To achieve the highest level of comfort the pants incorporate space for a nappy and, due to the lack of seams, the pants offer a perfect fit on any
body shape without restricting your baby’s movement. Following the 'green' philosophy of HOPSAN no waste is being generated by this way of producing. We design and develop in close harmony with our factory, this is visible in the end result. Together we achieve innovative knitwear with the most 
beautiful jacquard patterns.

Hopsan introduces a 3D packaging in the shape from a cozy cottage. The packaging on its own is a cute item with opening doors and windows for hours of playtime and storytelling. The re-usable theory of the packaging follows HOPSAN's no-waste philosophy.